How To Get More Leads At Your Next Small Business Event Or Trade Show

As a small business owner, you're probably not going to attend huge industry trade shows that require million-dollar booths and take place in giant convention centers. But you will have many opportunities to take part in regional and local events put on by a state organization or the chamber of commerce. Even though these aren't huge "trade shows," they are a good opportunity to make an impression on potential customers.

Tips For Buying Used Furniture

After purchasing a new home, it is necessary to purchase quality furniture in order to make all the rooms come together and enable you to fully enjoy your new property. Unfortunately, purchasing a new set of furniture can be quite expensive, which is why you should consider opting to purchase used furniture instead. Here are a few tips that will help you buy used furniture. Consider Reupholstering Potential Many new homeowners make the mistake of completely disregarding any secondhand furniture that looks old or used.

Six Simple Ways To Soup-Up Your Old Picture Frames

A quick way to bring some chic style to your home, or to pull together unique gifts, is by refurbishing and personalizing old picture frames. Most people have old frames laying around their home, and with a little imagination, these can transform into beautiful, cherished keepsakes. Some easy ways to soup-up these old frames include the following suggestions: 1. Pet-inspired pictures There is nothing that a pet-lover enjoys more than a frame dedicated to their four-legged friends, and it is easy to create a pet-inspired frame that will bring a smile and a chuckle.