4 Tips For Preserving Your Wedding Gown After The Wedding

Planning a wedding can be difficult. Not only will you need to hire a caterer, book a reception hall, and pay for the honeymoon, but you will also need to buy a wedding gown. Considering the average cost is estimated at $1,564, your gown will be a large portion of the wedding's total budget. Because of the cost and the importance memory associated with this one piece of attire, preserving your gown after the wedding should also be a priority. Unfortunately, most brides lack the knowledge or time needed to ensure their gown is cleaned and stored in a safe, effective manner. With this guide, you will know exactly how to preserve your gown after your wedding day.

Take It Off

You should not wear your gown longer than necessary, so consider taking it off as soon as possible. Most brides will change out of their gown after the reception, but changing into something more comfortable and easy going immediately after the ceremony is also an option you should consider.

No matter when you decide to take it off, your gown should be carefully placed into a properly-sized garment bag. Do not force the bottom of the gown into the bag, since this could damage any fragile lace, sequins, and embroidery. Use the original bag that the dress came in or purchase a new bag that will allow you to store the gown safely until you can get it to the cleaners.

Visit a Cleaner

Before your special day, spend some time researching local dry cleaners or preservation companies that specialize in the cleaning and care of wedding gowns. While there are usually many dry cleaners in one given area, the company should have experience in wedding gown preservation. During your research, focus on the following:

  • Certifications – Choose a dry cleaner that is certified in wedding gown preservation.
  • Solvents – Ask the company what type of solvents they use when cleaning. Only non-toxic solvents should be used during the cleaning and preservation process, since many dry cleaners use chemicals that can irritate your skin while potentially harming your garments.
  • Preservation Method – Your dry cleaner should also explain the preservation process to you. Hanging the gown on a hanger and wrapping in a bag is not sufficient. The gown should be preserved using acid-free agents before storing in a sealed museum-quality box.

Invest Properly

Most brides and grooms are overwhelmed with bills after their wedding. You may still need to pay off honeymoon expenses and order photographs, but you should leave some space in your budget for gown preservation.

Cleaning and preserving a simple gown can cost around $200 while cleaning and preserving gowns with elaborate details can run up to $800. While these costs may seem high, they are necessary. During the initial budgeting of your wedding, make sure to include a sufficient amount of money to invest in the preservation of your wedding gown.

Caring at Home

After spending the time and money to preserve your gown and bring it home, do not forget about it. Many brides will place the box in their basement, attic, or closet and completely forget that it is there. While preserved in a sealed box, certain areas of your home may be too hot, too cold, too sunny, or too moist to keep your gown safe.

Do not store your preserved, boxed gown in an attic, basement, or garage, since these areas are usually not conditioned. To keep your gown safe, place the box in a closet in your home or a climate-controlled storage facility.

Avoid opening the box and handling the gown. If you plan to give the gown to a relative in the future, the box should remain sealed until their special day.

Your wedding will be a special day and your gown will be a special memento you can cherish for many years to come. With these tips, you will learn the best options for preserving your gown after the wedding.