Using An Ultraviolet Sterilizer In Your Pond Or Aquarium

Scientists have long known that ultraviolet light can kill bacteria, viruses and algae. Pond and aquarium owners have discovered that using an ultraviolet sterilizer is a beneficial tool to keeping their fish healthy and their water clear of bacteria and excess microscopic algae. If you've never used an ultraviolet sterilizer for this purpose, you, no doubt, have some concerns and questions.

What does a sterilizer do for a fish pond or aquarium?

Ultraviolet light is effective in reducing or eliminating certain types of bacteria, viruses and algae and keeping the water clear. It doesn't take the place of a good filtering system, however. The sterilizer is most effective if your aquarium is kept at certain flow rates which are listed in the instructions which come with the sterilizer.

Will the sterilizer harm beneficial bacteria or fish?

Most ultraviolet sterilizers use UV-C rays that kill microorganisms as the water is pumped towards the light and re-circulated, so there's little danger to fish and plants. Larger organisms, as well as a small percentage of microorganisms, will not be affected. Some experts recommend turning off the sterilizer if and when you need to feed plankton or medication to your aquarium or pond inhabitants.

Will the sterilizer help keep fish from getting diseases?

Properly installed, an ultraviolet sterilizer can help control diseases such as ich and oodinium, but it is not a cure-all. Much of the sterilizer's effectiveness depends on your pond or aquarium's flow rate and size. If you find that your fish are showing signs of disease, it's better to apply the appropriate medications rather than rely on ultraviolet sterilization.

What are some disadvantages to installing a sterilizer?

These systems won't cure problems with poor aquarium or pond management such as overcrowding and it doesn't make things maintenance-free. Though sterilizers are effective against some forms of algae, it's not effective against stringy algae which can still form on walls and aquarium glass.

Ultraviolet sterilizers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including some that are shaped like fish. They also come in canisters and can be hidden under another object such as your aquarium stand. For best results, install your sterilizer in front of your filters. Be sure to buy a system that is large and practical enough for your aquarium or pond. Sterilizers can be used in both salt and freshwater applications. When installing your system, be sure to read all the instructions. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask the salesperson or an aquarium expert. For assistance, talk to a professional like Water Maker Orangeville.