Make A Statement And Grow Your Customer Base - Using Visual Design To Improve Promotional Products

Perhaps the biggest challenge for any company is achieving the initial market penetration that turns your firm into a household name and puts you in a position where customers know what to expect from your products. Purchasing and distributing promotional items can assist with this awareness, but it's important that you do all you can to make sure that investment isn't wasted.

Below, you'll find a guide to using design elements of promotional products to quickly and thoroughly attract the attention of customers. Keeping these suggestions in mind will put you in a position to get the maximum return on your investment by designing attractive pieces that will appeal to customers for years to come.

Slightly Askew Components

When designing highly visual items such as signs and posters and even more practical things like hats and t-shirts, it's important that your brand's logo is prominent and clear without being boring. Drawing in the eye of a potential customer and causing them to investigate further should be your main goal, and there are relatively easy ways to make that more likely.

Consider displaying your logo in a slightly obscured way or, otherwise, off kilter and tilted from its regular axis. The human eye will naturally be able to tell that something is incorrect and will spend more time studying the image, allowing for your reach to expand ever so slightly and subtly.

Complementary Colors

The use of color is another thing to consider when evaluating potential designs. Many people make the mistake of assuming loud and bright colors will draw in attention, but many people find themselves naturally repelled by that kind of vividness and won't return to process the information.

Instead, try to use basic and bold colors with contrasting color elements placed next to each other. This will cause the colors to seemingly compete for the attention of the viewer, drawing in their natural curiosity while simultaneously providing for a more pleasant experience.


Sometimes, the most effective designs for promotional products are not those which are the best printed, but rather those which make the best use of the empty space. Too much blank space will appear boring, but jamming in additional elements can make an item seem busy, crowded, or even tacky. Instead, consider a design where elements barely intersect with each other. This apparent competition for valuable space will naturally attract attention, leading customers to process what they read and providing more effective promotion for your business.

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