Five Tips For Buying New Eyeglasses

If you're an eyeglass wearer, sometimes it's shocking to realize how long you've been wearing the same old frames or a similar version of the same style. If it's time for a change, here are five tips for shopping for eyeglasses, so you can get yourself a whole new look.

Make Notes About Your Current Specs

While you may want to change up the style of your eyewear, there may be things you like about your current frames. Make sure to have a list of any must-haves in your new glasses, such as:

  • scratch-proof lenses
  • lightweight design
  • comfortable nosepiece
  • thin lenses
  • tinting
  • earpieces to reduce slipping or falling off
  • fit under safety or athletic goggles

Conversely, if there are things you don't like about your current specs, besides the style, make note of that too.

Look at Lots of Models

You may have your heart set on a pair you've seen a celebrity wear or think you want a certain design, but try on a bunch of different models anyway. You may be surprised that a style you never considered before looks great on you, especially if you've changed your hair or wardrobe since the last time you got glasses.

If you really can't decide between two very different models, why not buy two pairs? Just like clothing accessories or jewelry, it's nice to have options to go with various outfits.

Get a Second Opinion

It can be hard to know if a pair of frames is really right for you or if you're just caught up in the moment. Bring a friend or family member with you when shopping, and solicit a second opinion. Also, bring your mobile phone and snap a few pics of yourself in different frames. You may notice things in photos you don't see looking in the mirror.

Don't forget to ask the staff at the optical shop what they think. They help people all day long pick out glasses, and they are experts at matching frames with face shapes and personal styles.

Consider Shopping Online

Online eyeglass shopping has come a long way in the last decade. Some features of new Internet eyeglass outlets include

  • discount prices
  • ability to try multiple frames at home for free
  • free shipping
  • donation of eyeglasses to charity with purchase
  • buy one, get one discounted or free deals (great if you need an extra pair for the office, car, etc.)
  • improved customer service
  • discounts on contact lenses with the same prescription

Know that it can be difficult to find online merchants to handle progressive lenses, and most only handle single-vision lenses. Online vendors are best for fairly straightforward prescriptions and basic frame needs.

Don't Forget About Other Outlets

While you may not get the style selection you get at an optical shop, if price is a concern, there are other places to buy glasses. Many doctors' offices have on-site eye care, and you may be limited to these outlets if your insurance is footing the entire bill for your glasses. Also, some big box membership stores have optical departments too; ask if you can purchase there even without a membership, as some federally regulated items, such as alcohol, prescriptions, and optical products, may be available to the general public.

Buying new eyeglasses is a great way to change your entire look. Use these tips and you're sure to find a pair (or two!) that suits you well. If you're looking for a glasses dealer, visit Savers Optical Ltd..