Gift Basket Ideas For New Parents

When a couple has a new baby, almost all the gifts are intended for the new little bundle of joy. In addition to giving the new parents something special for their baby, give them something special for just them. The days and weeks following the birth of a baby are exhausting so create a gift basket loaded with items that help the couple celebrate their new role as parents, as well as relax and spend a few minutes focusing on their own well-being.

Food and Drink

The last thing most new parents want to do is prepare a meal or get dressed up and go out to dinner. Solve that dilemma by creating a meal-focused gift basket. Include a casserole or something that can be heated up and enjoyed with minimal preparation or a gift card for a restaurant that delivers. Include a bottle of wine and wine glasses. In fact, many baby boutiques and online stores offer wine glasses personalized for new parents. Bags of the couple's favorite snacks and perhaps a coupon for a pay-per-view movie is a good idea for tired new parents. Baskets of fresh fruit are another welcome gift idea as is a dinner of the month membership, which entitles the new couple to a freshly prepared gourmet meal, in their home, once a month.

Gift Baskets for Mom

A basket filled with pampering essentials will make a new mom feel special. Include bubble bath, bath salts and scented lotions so mom can relax in a bath while baby is napping. A CD of calming, peaceful music for the new mom to listen to while bathing is a special addition. Adding a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace with the baby's name engraved on it or a charm that depicts a mom holding a baby, would also be most appreciated by a new mom. A gift card for a photo session is another item that new moms will treasure.

Gift Baskets for Dad

New dads are often overlooked, but they deserve to be celebrated just as much as new moms. A basket that focuses on a new dad's hobby is one idea. For example, if the new dad likes golf, give him a few golf balls and golf tees personalized with his new baby's name and birth date. Stick in a gift certificate for a round of golf with an expiration date several months away. A photo frame with a picture of dad holding his new baby is a thoughtful gift that a dad can proudly display on his desk at work.

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