3 Tips To Help You Pair Beer With Food

What's more refreshing than cracking open an ice cold beer with dinner at the end of a long day? What many people fail to realize, however, is that certain beers go better with certain foods in the same way that wine does. How can you know which beers to pair with certain foods and flavors? Well, these tips should help get you started.

Comparing Beer and Wine

If you're already familiar with common wine and food pairings, it can be helpful to think of beers as they relate to wine. Generally, it's safe to think of ales as being similar to red wines and lagers as being more similar to white wines. As such, ales tend to go better with red meats (steaks, burgers, etc.), whereas a lager might be a better pairing for a lighter dish, such as one that includes chicken, ground turkey, or even fish.

Furthermore, just as more acidic wine tends to pair better with spicier foods, beer that's "hoppy" can be viewed in the same way. Hoppy beers go great with both spicy and oily dishes, so be sure to keep some on hand.

Focus on Complementary or Contrasting Flavors

Another tip to keep in mind when it comes to pairing different beers with different foods is to focus on making sure your beer either complements or contrasts with the flavors in your food. For example, if you're serving up a robust, thick stew, then you might want to consider pairing it with a full-bodied and flavorful ale for the best results. On the other hand, contrasting flavors can also add a depth to your overall dish, so a light, crisp beer could also pair well with your stew; it's just a matter of your personal taste.

What's For Dessert?

Finally, if you're planning on serving up dessert as part of your meal, make sure that the beer you're serving is sweeter than the dessert itself. Otherwise, the sweetness of the dessert could end up grossly overpowering the beer, which can kill its overall flavor. To avoid this, choose a beer that's got a similar sugar content (or one that's just sightly higher) than the dessert dish for pairing.

Learning how to pair beer with food will take some research and practice, but these tips should at least get you on the right track. For more information, contact Good Cheer Alcohol Deliveries or a similar company.