Six Simple Ways To Soup-Up Your Old Picture Frames

A quick way to bring some chic style to your home, or to pull together unique gifts, is by refurbishing and personalizing old picture frames. Most people have old frames laying around their home, and with a little imagination, these can transform into beautiful, cherished keepsakes. Some easy ways to soup-up these old frames include the following suggestions:

1. Pet-inspired pictures

There is nothing that a pet-lover enjoys more than a frame dedicated to their four-legged friends, and it is easy to create a pet-inspired frame that will bring a smile and a chuckle. Try hot-gluing simple dry dog biscuits to the frame after removing the glass, and fill in any spaces with pet-inspired charms or buttons. Replace the glass and add a picture of man's best friend.

2. Textured artwork

If the glass is compromised or missing from your frame, don't throw it away. Instead, use the frame to accent a textured piece, such as a stretched canvas or a multimedia art project. Kids bring home many pieces of work that have glued on bits or accents, and these glass-less frames are the perfect way to show them off.

3. Dazzling glass displays

Glass aquarium pebbles make an elegant and sparkling frame. Simply glue the flat side of each marble to the outer frame, and allow to dry thoroughly. These add quite a bit of weight to the framed picture, so reinforce accordingly when hanging.

4. Funky fabric frames

Another cool way to refurbish a frame is with fabric. Simply lay the frame, without the glass, down on your piece of fabric, and trace around for a template. Use fabric glue to wrap and cover the frame completely; this is a great way to recycle remnant material, old linens, or apparel.

5. Keys to your heart

A really cute way to dress-up your frame is with old keys. Keys make an interesting accent that will draw attention, and most people have many unwanted keys lying around. Use hot glue or epoxy to secure the keys around the border of the frame and allow to dry before hanging.

6. Busting with buttons

If you know someone who enjoys sewing, give them a clever frame that was made with them in mind. Collect buttons of any sizes, shapes, and colors, and glue them to the border of your frame. It helps to choose buttons with a flat bottom, and you may even want to give the frame a quick coat of metallic spray paint once it has dried for a shimmering effect.

Frames are an inexpensive gift that practically everyone loves. Take some time to dress-up and transform these frames into something special, either for your own home or to give to someone else.